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About our Franchise model

Setup costs of a franchise are plus or minus R 1 000 000 depending on size, type of equipment and cost of the opening stock. A one-off of R 60 000 is paid to the franchisor in order to obtain the right to use the Kekkel and Kraai brand.

The following products as well as branded materials are provided to you free of charge:
portion cutter, wrapper, sealer, trays, wrapping, charcoal, full spice rack, sauces, bags, nameplate, window logos, interior decoration, fridge stickers, uniform etc.

Additional costs that you must allow for are as follows:

  • R2.50 p/km for travel as well as R400.00 per person (2) for accommodation for 5/five nights for the opening of the store.
  • The rest of the money is used for the acquisition of the equipment as well as starting stock.
  • Starting stock R40 000 to R50 000.
  • The acquisition of the premises, as well as equipment, is the responsibility of the future franchisee.
  • Premises must be +- 150 square meters.
  • Equipment must meet the requirements set by Kekkel and Kraai. Kekkel en Kraai SA can be helpful with the acquisition of equipment, if necessary.
  • The monthly costs to Kekkel en Kraai SA currently amount to R735.00 per month, which increases annually in line with inflation.
  • Orders are placed directly with approved suppliers and payments are also made directly to suppliers.
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